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Exciting New Features to Enhance User Feedback Collection

We are thrilled to announce several new features in the latest release of RealFeedback, our AI-powered chatbot for effortless user feedback collection. These enhancements will allow you to gather more targeted, actionable insights to continuously improve your website and digital products.


One highly anticipated new capability is moderation. RealFeedback can now detect when users attempt to provide misleading or irrelevant feedback and prevent that feedback from being recorded. This preserves the integrity of your feedback data.

Widget Customization

You can now customize the RealFeedback widget even further to match your brand. Change colors, add logos, and tweak the widget size and placement to seamlessly fit into your site design.

Targeted Questions

In addition to collecting open-ended feedback through conversation, RealFeedback can now ask specific questions you define. Targeted questions allow you to gather feedback on key topics to inform areas like UX design and customer research.

Enhanced Summaries

Our improved natural language processing generates feedback summaries that are faster, more accurate, and provide greater insight into recurring themes. Easily prioritize key issues and opportunities based on real user perspectives.

Simplified Bot Testing

With our intuitive bot tester built into the UI, you can now simulate conversations to preview how RealFeedback will perform on your site prior to launch. Tweak conversational flows and test new features with a few clicks.

Start collecting more meaningful user insights today with the enhanced RealFeedback.

July 27, 2023