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Step-by-Step Guide: How to Collect User Feedback with RealFeedback's Chatbot

Collecting user feedback is essential for building a quality product, whether it's a SaaS, ecommerce site, web game or blog. However, individually interviewing each user is cumbersome and requires significant effort from both users and product teams. RealFeedback solves this problem by helping you collect user feedback effortlessly. Here's how it works:

Getting started with RealFeedback is quick and simple. First, you'll want to create a free account on their website, RealFeedback.co, without needing to enter any credit card details. After signing up, you'll be prompted to configure your first feedback-collection project.

Begin by providing a name for your site or product, and writing an informative, concise description of what it does. This description is what tells RealFeedback about your product's purpose and capabilities, so the chatbot can engage users in relevant conversations to gather helpful feedback. Focus on providing key details about your site's purpose - avoid using marketing fluff or exaggerations in the description.

How to collect user feedback on your website using RealFeedback

Next, you can customize the appearance and behavior of the RealFeedback chat widget that will appear on your site. Options include choosing between displaying a chat bubble icon or a button with "Feedback" text, picking a color scheme that matches your site's aesthetics, and setting the display rate if you want to limit how often the widget appears at first. You can also position the widget wherever there is some empty space on your site layout.

When you're ready to deploy, RealFeedback will provide a snippet of integration code to add to your website codebase. Developers can quickly integrate this into their code, while non-technical users can simply send the code to their engineering team or developer. One of the great things about RealFeedback is that it works seamlessly with virtually any tech stack or platform.

After adding the integration code, RealFeedback will confirm that everything is set up correctly and the chatbot is ready to start collecting user feedback through natural conversations.

As real users interact with your site and the RealFeedback chatbot, it will gather feedback based on the project settings and description you provided. The goal is to be helpful to users, not annoying. And users are always free to permanently dismiss the widget if they wish. But most people will be happy to provide some quick feedback to help improve your product.

With RealFeedback's automated and scalable approach, gathering user insights is easy and effortless. And the value derived from truly understanding your users' needs is priceless for building a great product.

Give RealFeedback a try today to seamlessly connect with your users and effortlessly collect feedback at scale!

July 18, 2023