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Getting Real Feedback from Users to Improve Your Website

Having a website is great, but how do you know if your users are really happy with it? The best way is to get real, honest feedback directly from them. But collecting and analyzing user feedback effectively can be difficult and time-consuming. That's where AI-powered chatbots like RealFeedback can help.

What is RealFeedback?

RealFeedback is a smart chatbot that can be easily integrated into your website to have natural conversations with visitors. It asks them questions about their experience on your site and collects detailed feedback and suggestions. RealFeedback uses artificial intelligence to analyze all this user input and provide actionable insights you can use to improve your website.

Key Benefits of RealFeedback

  • Conversational interface makes it easy and enjoyable for visitors to provide feedback. The chatbot can have back-and-forth dialogues and dig deeper into issues.
  • Broad feedback collected across the entire customer journey, not just surveys about specific pages. Finds pain points visitors may have with navigation, content, features etc.
  • Detailed qualitative data beyond just ratings and multiple choice responses. Captures specific issues and ideas in the actual words of users.
  • AI analyzes unstructured feedback at scale to uncover major themes and trends. Highlights most common problems and desires.
  • Provides visual dashboards and reports to view feedback analytics.
  • Completely customizable to match your brand voice and ask questions specific to your site.
  • Easy to implement with no coding required. Provides embed code you just add to your site pages.
  • 24/7 automated conversations mean anyone can give feedback anytime. Not limited to work hours.

Continuously Improving the Customer Experience

With RealFeedback, you can have an ongoing conversation with your users to understand exactly what they want from your website. It takes all the work out of collecting, analyzing and acting on customer feedback. Instead of periodic surveys, you can get contextual insights throughout the customer journey and rapidly make improvements. This helps build loyalty by showing customers you listen and respond to their input. Over time, you'll be able to optimize your site to deliver the best possible user experience.

So if you want real, actionable feedback from actual users to improve your website, give RealFeedback a try today!

July 20, 2023